Renault Ares 540-640 Technical Data

Engine modelDPS 4039 TRTDPS 4045 TRTDPS 6059 DRTDPS 6068 DRTDPS 6068 TRTDPS 6068 TRT
Displacement cm3392045305880678867886788
Bore x stroke mm106,5×110106,5×127106,5×110106,5×127106,5×127106,5×127
Max. power hp DIN/rpm85/220095/2200100/2200110/2200120/2200130/2200
Torque Nm DIN/rpm340/1500388/1400392/1500450/1500495/1500545/1300
Synchronized gears16+16/32+3216+16/32+3216+16/32+3232+3232+3232+32
Quick-change gearhydr/4 przełhydr/4 przełhydr/4 przeł4 przeł4 przeł4 przeł
Speeds in km/h2,4-37,52,4-37,52,1-38,52,1-38,52,1-38,52,1-38,5
Max. speed km/h404040404040
Hydr. flow l/min606060606060
Lift controlssekwensekwensekwensekwensekwensekwen
Lift capacity kg694083308330833084708470
PTO speeds540/1000540/1000540/1000540/1000540/1000540/1000
Turning circle m 2WD
Turning circle m 4WD8,28,29,069,069,069,06
Front tires 2WD
Front tires 4WD13,6R2413,6R2813,6R2814,9R2814,9R2814,9R28
Rear tires 2WD
Rear tires 4WD16,9R3416,9R3816,9R3818,4R3818,4R3820,8R38
Weight kg 2WD
Weight kg 4WD470049505160539060506370
Height w cab cm272277279/289281/291291294
Wheelbase cm388398424430430438
Length cm249249275275275275
Fuel tank l180180180/220180/220220220
Cab noise level dB
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